Title: Flyboy

Written By: Parker North

Page One:

Panel One: (Way pulled out shot of two Mob looking goons dragging a younger small build guy across a rooftop toward the edge of the building. The guy being dragged is wearing a white t-shirt with the sleeves riding a little high up, blue jeans, and sneakers. He somewhat resembles Shaggy from Scooby-Doo but without a beard.)


“I told him I could get the money by tomorrow.”

GOON #1:

“That’s great but payment was due last week.”

Panel Two: (They reach the edge. FLYBOY is squirming as the two goons, one on each side, are pressing him against the railing.)


“No, please! I’ll pay you, personally. I’ll do whatever you want!”

GOON #2:

“Nope.” Read More →

Title: WERE
Written By: Parker North
Issue #1


Page One:


Panel One: (Mid-day. New York City skyline.)

Caption: “Roughly four months ago…”

Panel Two: (A subway security guard is standing next to a pillar near the edge of the platform. There’s a small crowd around going about there business.)

Panel Three: (The security guard is hunched over. There is a person next to the security guard. He’s looking over at him, he’s in the process of pulling out his earbuds while giving a “put off” glance over at the guard.)

Guard: “HURG – GASP – GUH!”

Panel Four: (The guard is now laying on the ground. He’s twitching out. He’s in the middle of transforming into a WERE-Version of an Antelope but is still more man than beast at this point. A startled crowd has formed around him, giving him a bit of space.)

Guard: “What’s happ– -urgh- happening, to me?!”

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