Title: Flyboy

Written By: Parker North

Page One:

Panel One: (Way pulled out shot of two Mob looking goons dragging a younger small build guy across a rooftop toward the edge of the building. The guy being dragged is wearing a white t-shirt with the sleeves riding a little high up, blue jeans, and sneakers. He somewhat resembles Shaggy from Scooby-Doo but without a beard.)


“I told him I could get the money by tomorrow.”

GOON #1:

“That’s great but payment was due last week.”

Panel Two: (They reach the edge. FLYBOY is squirming as the two goons, one on each side, are pressing him against the railing.)


“No, please! I’ll pay you, personally. I’ll do whatever you want!”

GOON #2:


Panel Three: (The Goons pushed FLYBOY up and over the railing. Shot is from slightly above, we can see GOON #2 disappointed while GOON #1 is reaching out to try and grab FLYBOY to stop him from falling. FLYBOY has fallen just a little too far out of GOON #1’s reach.)



GOON #2:

“Aw — we weren’t supposed to drop him.”

Page Two:

Panel One: (Not quite from a street level view but still looking up toward FLYBOY as he has fallen half the height of the building. He has turned around so now he’s facing/falling toward the camera.)

Panel Two: (FLYBOY is about a foot or two off of the ground. He has his hands reached out as though to catch himself. Some dust, litter, and a newspaper has kicked up into the air, swirling around him. He has a confused/shocked look on his face.)



“Holy shit – I’m flying!”

Panel Three: (FLYBOY rockets off towards into the air. We can see the rooftop of the building below him. GOON 1 and GOON 2 are looking up at him.)


“Hey, get back here!”


“I don’t think he’s coming back.”

Page Three:

Panel One: (Large panel. FLYBOY is up above the city. Not high enough up to be in the clouds but a fair distance above to where can still see stuff off in the distance. One of the things we can see a fair distance away is a major airport. FLYBOY is hanging in the the air in a Superman-esque pose but has his head cocked slightly to the side looking at his pocket.)

Sound Effect:


Panel Two: (Bust shot of FLYBOY with his phone up in front of him like he’s talking on Face Time.)


“Dude, you’re not going to believe what’s happening right now!”

Panel Three: (FLYBOY has been struck by an airplane. We can see him bouncing/spinning of off the nose of the airliner along the side of it that is facing the camera. His phone has been knocked from his hand.)

Sound Effect:


Panel Four: (Cut to a really wide shot as the jet engine spits out a red mist and flies off away from the camera.)

Panel Five: (The Goons are running for the stairwell. They have their hands up blocking falling pieces of FLYBOY.)


“Well, he came back…”


“Dibs on his phone!”

- The End -

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