Title: WERE
Written By: Parker North
Issue #1


Page One:


Panel One: (Mid-day. New York City skyline.)

Caption: “Roughly four months ago…”

Panel Two: (A subway security guard is standing next to a pillar near the edge of the platform. There’s a small crowd around going about there business.)

Panel Three: (The security guard is hunched over. There is a person next to the security guard. He’s looking over at him, he’s in the process of pulling out his earbuds while giving a “put off” glance over at the guard.)

Guard: “HURG – GASP – GUH!”

Panel Four: (The guard is now laying on the ground. He’s twitching out. He’s in the middle of transforming into a WERE-Version of an Antelope but is still more man than beast at this point. A startled crowd has formed around him, giving him a bit of space.)

Guard: “What’s happ– -urgh- happening, to me?!”

Page Two:


Panel One: (A large WERE’d out version of an Antelope is standing on the platform. It has its head down and it’s breathing hard. The people around have backed up a fair distance.
Antelope: “-huff- -huff-”

Panel Two: (The WERE-Antelope is in the middle of running through the crowd towards the stairs that exit to the sidewalk on the surface. It’s on is back legs kicking its front legs into the people in its way.)

Panel Three: (The WERE-Antelope is charging up the stairs, there is a man running a head of it trying to get out of the stairway before it catches up to him.)

Guy: “No, please, I – I’m moving!”

Panel Four: (Tight panel of the WERE-Antelope impaling the man from behind. It’s horns have pierced right through the torso of the guy.)

Guy: “Ahhhhh –”

Panel Five: (The WERE-Antelope, now up on sidewalk near a gridlocked road, has bucked its head to the side throwing the body off of it on the the ground. There are people starting to get out of their cars and people running.)


Page Three:


Panel One: (Inside the cockpit of a helicopter. We’re facing the female pilot and a male in the co-pilot seat. They’re wearing their headgear and talking into the microphones.)

Pilot: “Are you seeing this?’

Co-pilot: “Is that – a fuckin’ whale?

Panel Two: (Large panel. Shot from behind the helicopter as its flying toward a skyscraper where a WERE-Blue Whale has punctured two wholes, one for its head and one for its tale, out of a corner of the building. It’s about half way up the building. Chunks of cement have been knocked out and are falling away from the building. The top of the building is starting to look like it’s leaning. There are stress cracks in the walls and windows along the cracks are blown out.)


Page Four:


Panel One: (Ground floor lobby of the building that is toppling. A woman is watching as people outside are running past the large building front windows.)

Panel Two: (Small panel of the woman startled by a huge sound above her.)


Panel Three: (The woman is running out into the street as a large chunk of building lands behind her blocking the way back into the building and blocking the street to her left. There is also some smashed cars that were stuck in gridlock.)

Panel Four: (Shot from behind the woman. She has stopped abruptly as the WERE-Antelope is standing in front of her. It has its head reared back it looks a little crazy eyed.)

Panel Five: (The WERE-Antelope has its head down and it’s charging at the woman. She’s starting to turn to get out of its way.)


Page Five:


Panel One: (We see the blur of a WERE-Gorilla rushing in and backhanding the WERE-Antelope with the woman standing there terrified. She’s trapped between the two fighting creatures and the collapsed part of the building that blocks the street.)

Gorilla Sound: “HRRRRROOOOAAR!!!”

Panel Two: (Shot of the WERE-Antelope’s back in the foreground as it has been knocked down with the WERE-Gorilla in the background standing over it snarling with its fists clenched above its head getting ready to slam them down onto the WERE-Antelope.)

Panel Three: (The WERE-Gorilla has is fists now slammed against the ground. The WERE-Antelope now back on its feet has narrowly missed being hit the WERE-Gorilla.)

Sound: “THUUPP!!!”

Panel Four: (The WERE-Antelope has driven a third of the length of its horns into the side of the WERE-Gorilla. The WERE-Gorilla is in pain.)

Gorilla Sound: “HROOARR – HEW!!!”

Panel Five: (Shot of the WERE-Gorilla wrapping its hands around the WERE-Antelopes neck.)


Page Six:


Panel One: (The WERE-Gorilla has the WERE-Antelope swung up above its head.)

Panel Two: (The WERE-Gorilla has now slammed the WERE-Antelope down against a large piece of concrete, clearly breaking the WERE-Antelopes back and/or killing it.)

Panel Three: (The WERE-Gorilla in the background has turned to look at the woman in the foreground who is looking back at it.)

Woman: “You saved me. A-are you friendly?”

Panel Four: (Enraged, the WERE-Gorilla has thrust itself in her direction.)

Panel Five: (A large piece of building has fallen, crushing the WERE-Gorilla. The woman is knocked over on her side. Her laying on the ground is the transition into the next scene.)

Sound: CRASH!!!


Page Seven:


Panel One: (We can see the back half of Connor, the main character, laying curled up, naked, in the long grass between a paved highway and a sunflower field. The sunflowers are fully grown. Note: The flattened grass around him should be to scale of hims as a WERE-Man. But not too exact shaped as thats the reveal for later in the book.)

Panel Two: (Connor is on all fours picking himself up. Close up shot from the side of his face and shoulder/arm. He looks tired.)

Connor: “-Exhale- … Still alive.”

Panel Three: (Connor, standing in the tall grass at the bottom of the ditch, is looking a short distance down the road at a highway destination sign. It has “Poplar Bluff 5 Miles” written on it.

Connor: “At least I know where I am, this time.”


Page Eight:


Panel One: (Close up shot. Side profile of a truck’s wheels, kicking up dust and dirt, as it races down a back road. Somewhere like you’d see just outside of a smaller country town.)

Voice: “Keep an eye the fields. Most of them will have taken cover by now.”

Panel Two: (Pulled back drone shot. We can see the truck with 2-3 people armed with hunting rifles sitting in the box, driving down a country road. There are corn and wheat fields on either side of the road.)

Voice: “If they’re missin’ clothes, shoot on sight. They’ll be trying to sneak into the camp. We can’t afford to have that happen again.”


Page Nine:


Panel One: (Pulled back shot of Connor making his way through the Sunflower Field towards a small farm yard. There’s a long lane that leads to small farm yard. The sunflower field is on one side of the lane. There is a much shorter Canola crop on the other side. The house is near the front of the yard where the lane ends. The house has a screened in porch. There’s an old 80’s truck out front and a large shed towards the back. The sides and the back of the yard are surrounded by a line of trees with fields also surrounding them.

Panel Two: (Connor is standing a couple rows deep into the field, he’s fairly covered, near the edge of the yard. He’s pushing a couple plants out of the way to that he can see a little clearer into the yard.)

Connor: Thought: “Please, be abandoned…”

Panel Three: (Shot of Connor running over from the field toward the door of the screened in porch. Possibly silhouetted to hide any nudity.)

Panel Four: (Connor is now standing inside the porch, he’s still holding the door open beside him. He’s looking at a folded up blanket that is laying on an old couch that’s up against the wall.)

Connor: Thought: “Well, a blanket is better than nothing.”


Page Ten:


Panel One: (View from inside, the door is cracked open. Connor, now wrapped in the blanket that he found, is cautiously leaning in.)

Connor: “Hello?”

Panel Two: (View from the counter in the kitchen. There’s rotten food. It’s dried up at this point. If we can see the kitchen table, there should be some plates and cutlery left out as well. The family had to leave in a panic during the second WERE-event around two months ago. We can see Connor looking into the room as he walks past the door way that is in the background.)

Connor: “Anyone home?”

Panel Three: (Connor is at the end of the hallway, there is a set up stairs going up. We can see the tail end of what appears to be claw marks on the walls in the stair way. Connor reaching for a picture frame on the wall.)

Connor: “So, who were you?”

Panel Four: (Smaller panel showing the contents of the picture. It’s a man and a woman. The woman is holding a baby that is all bundled up. The new family is out in front of the house.)


Page Eleven:


Panel One: (Shot of Connor coming up the stairs. The scratches in this area are a lot more pronounced. A small table and a dead plant has been knocked over in the corner.)

Panel Two: (Connor is standing in the door way, we can see between his head and the door frame. We’re looking into the baby’s room. The crib is in pieces. And there are claw marks on the floor. Months ago the baby had changed during one of the WERE-events and bust out of its crib.)

Connor: “Damn…”


Page Twelve:


Panel One: (Connor is turned, looking down the hallway at an open door.)

Panel Two: (Connor is standing in front of the bed inside the bedroom. There is a small drawer/nightstand beside the bed. He’s putting on a t-shirt, he’s wearing boxers. There is a pair of pants and socks on the bed. We can see an open closet in the background.)

Connor: Thought: “Not a bad fit.”

Panel Three: (Connor, know fully clothed, is kneeling down by the nightstand, he’s in the process of opening one of the drawers.)

Connor: “What else have you got?”

Panel Four: (Connor has pulled out a strip of condoms that he found in the drawer.)

Connor: Thought: “Who’d have thought that Latex would be worth more than money…”


Page Thirteen:


Panel One: (Crane shot from above the roof of the house. We’re behind Connor as he walks toward the old truck out front.)

Connor: Thought: “Let’s see if this old girl will start.”

Panel Two: (Hunting rifle scope view of the tail gate of the truck. Connor is on the driver side opening the door.)

Panel Three: (Same shot as before but now were up close. Connor is startled by a bullet shattering the drivers side tail light of the truck.

Sound of the gun: Crack!

Shattering Light: PINNSSH!

Connor: “Huh?!”

Panel Four: (Behind/side profile of Connor as he’s looking out toward the drive way. We can see the truck from PAGE ONE speeding down the driveway. The sunflower field on the passenger side of the truck. The hunter that had him scoped in is now standing/leaning over the roof of the truck trying to sight in a second shot.)

Connor: “-exhale- shit.”


Page Fourteen:


Panel One: (Shot from the box of the truck. It’s much closer to the yard now. We can see Connor sprinting for the front door of the house.)

Truck Driver: “He’s heading back inside!”

Panel Two: ( The truck has stopped out front of the house. The two men in the back of the truck are jumping out, in a rush. HUNTER ONE has the scoped hunting rifle and HUNTER TWO has a shotgun. We can see the driver in the cab with the driver window down.

Truck Driver: “Fan out. One of you, cover the door. The other, circle around the left side of the house incase he doubles back. I’ll cover the right.”

Panel Three: (The truck is kicking up dust as it leaves an backwards “S” path in the gravel as it goes from where it was stopped in the last panel to making its way toward the back of the house.)


Page Fifteen:


Panel One: (Conner has run out the backdoor of the house, slamming it shut behind him in the process of running down the back steps.)

Panel Two: (Connor is running across the yard toward a large tractor shed with two very large sliding doors.)

Connor: “huff-huff-huff”

Panel Three: (Connor has made it to the shed and is in the process of sliding one of the doors open. He opens it about 4 feet.)

“Please be something that drives…”

Panel Four: (Now inside the machine shed, Connor is standing tight to one of the doors. The doors are still open. Connor is looking over at a 4-Wheeler that is parked in beside a tractor.)

Connor: “Thank God.”


Page Sixteen:


Panel One: (Shot of the house. The truck has come around back. The driver has gotten out, he’s holding as shotgun. The other hunter who flanked around the side is coming around the far corner of the house.)

Driver: “Anything?”

Hunter Two: “All clear.”

Panel Two: (Hunter One, has opened the backdoor from the inside and is standing in the door way, gesturing that he’s not sure where Connor has gone.)

Hunter One: “He’s not in here.”

Driver: “What..?”

Hunter One: “He must have run straight through and out this si–


Panel Three: (Connor is on the 4-Wheeler ripping out of the shed, kicking up a bunch of gravel and dust. The three hunters are in the background looking toward Connor as he speeds toward the camera. The hunters have “oh shit” looks on their face.

Hunter Two: “uhh.”

Driver: “Shit!”

Panel Four: (A shot of Connor driving directly into a corn field for cover. He’s partially visible but fades as the crop gets too thick. There is a lingering dust cloud left as he leaves the gravel path/road that acts as an entrance to the field from the yard.)


Page Seventeen:


Panel One: (Large pulled out drone shot of the edge of the yard and the field. We can see a path of knocked down corn with Connor on the quad at the other end. In the yard we can see the guys from the truck running over to the edge of the field with their guns.)

Driver: “Follow the noise, lead into it.”

Sounds: BANG – BANG

Panel Two: (Tight shot of Connor driving on the quad surrounded by corn stalks. He’s startled by a bullet whistling by him. We can see the bullets path as it breaks through the corn leaves.

Sound: WIFF

Panel Three: (Small panel of Connor’s hand turning the key on the Quad to the off position.)

Panel Four: (We can see a motion blue of Connor getting down and crouching in front of the quad for shielding. Three bullets paths can be seen going all around him.

Sounds: WIFF – WIFF – WIFF


Page Eighteen:


Panel One: (Hunter Two, facing right from the left side of the panel, has his gun slightly lowered and his head tilted a bit. The Driver character has his gun completely down by his side and has his hand raised with his thumb pointing back behind him.)

Hunter Two: “Sounds like he killed the engine.”

Driver: “We wont find him on foot in the field. Better head back and report that we spotted one.”

Panel Two: (Shot of the truck speeding out the lane towards.)

Driver: “Reload and keep an eye out. There could be more out here.”

Panel Three: (Shot from behind Connor, standing at the edge of the field is looking at his muddy hands. We can see the truck drive off in the distance. He’s looking at his dirty hands. His clothes have a bunch of mud caked onto them.)

Connor: “Looks like I need to clean up again.”

End of Pt.1

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