One of my micro-resolutions, that I didn’t put on my 2016 Resolutions list, is to blog and keep my website updated. Last year, I was doing fairly well at that, until I hurt myself in July. Then progress on all projects fell to shit. I did at least one major update post per month for the first half of 2015. I’d like to continue the monthly update and possibly bump it up to two posts.

Fortunately, i’ve already started to make progress towards some of my major resolutions. My major goal for this year is to put a considerable amount of effort towards live streaming. The first major step in that process for me was to get an internet connection that can handle the speeds needed to broadcast.

Last week, I finally got my shit together and ordered the new internet. So, as of January 22nd, i’ll hopefully have streaming quality internet. I honestly have no idea how this is going to turn out but it’s something that i’ve been unable to do for the bigger part of a decade. I’m looking forward to trying to build a community and further my projects.

Speaking of furthering my projects, I’ve made some good progress in redeveloping my “Oh No, Zombies!” game. I’ve managed to come up with a version that increases player interactive, keeps all players in the game until the end, and hopefully ups the states for the players. All without requiring much more artwork, just some retooling. I’ll post more on that project as it develops.

So for those keeping track… 1 resolution down and 6 to go.

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